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Meet the Staff

Bed and Biscuits provides plenty of personality to help your furry loved ones feel right at home!

Meet our wonderful staff! Some of our employees have been with us for over a decade!

Front Desk


Tony (since 2005)

“I’m fussy about the men in my life…but Tony, he’s a doll.  He understands me and he’s always there for me…. plus he loves my kisses.”  Sally – Lab age 3






Aja B

Aja has been with us for almost a year and a half. She has a 3 and a half year old Boxer mix named Scout, and two kitties named Duckie and Petrie. Aja has been an avid animal lover since before she can remember, and believes in the therapeutic value of relationships with our pets. She is pursuing a career in the medical field but currently LOVES being able to spend almost every day with quite possible the most important people on the planet – your pets!






Ryhanna (since 2008)

” Can you keep a secret? Ryhanna knows all the coolest styles for dogs… when she’s finished with you EVERYONE will be asking you where you got your tatts. Plus you should see my main squeeze Gabby (poodle age 2) she’s a knockout  after a day with Ryhanna ”   Bubba –   Mixed Breed, age 5




Crystal (since 2010)


“Ohhhh Crystal…. your bath massages really make an old dog feel young again.”   Max –  Australian Border Collie Mix, age 12 1/2





Boarding and Day Care

Trent (since 2008)

Trent (since 2008)

Trenton is the supervisor of our kennels! He has over 10 years of experience working in the dog care industry. Trenton has got a very goofy personality and makes sure that each of our furry friends is enjoying their stay. Individual attention to each pup is very important while they are at Bed & Biscuits. Trenton has an Australian Cattle Dog named Charizard!                              According to Bosco, chocolate doodle, “you can always count on Trenton for a great game of fetch and a warm, embracing cuddle. I am so glad he is here to make sure everything runs smoothly!”




Bettina (since 2006)

“Bettina is like my second mommy.  She takes such good care of all of us.  When you need a walk, you can always count on Bettina.”  Lucy – Golden age 9







Darlene (since 2005)

“You never feel homesick with Darlene around. She’s always so comforting – makes you feel like you’re part of the family right away.”   Tulip – Chihuahua – age 3







Maggie (since 2011)

“Am I in heaven? Maggie is just the best to play and have fun with.”







Caleb A

Caleb (since 2013)

“I know when I see Caleb, he is always available to hold me and make me feel lo

ved!” -Mojo B. Caleb has been with us for over 3 years! He is currently pursuing a career as a minister. He really does have a huge heart, with a soft spot for dogs!





Enrique P

Enrique (since 2014)

Meet Enrique! He has been with us for about 2 years. He is very athletic, and travels all across the state to play Rugby! It has been a passion of his for the past 8 years. He loves playing games with the dogs and keeping them active. What better way could there be to stay in shape?!


Enrique was awarded two medals during the Daycare Games 2016 for his phenomenal skills in the “Dog Recall” category as well as “Gate Boundaries” category.



Mariah (since 2016)

Mariah (since 2016)

Mariah is one of our newest employees! She and her Pittbull, Taza, have settled in quite nicely with us here. Mariah loves watching each dog’s personality unfold as they become regular daycare troopers. She is very artistic, and enjoys embracing local wild life and going camping with her fiance and Taza.




Terra (since 2015)

Terra (since 2015)

Terra has volunteered at animal shelters all over the world! Some of the places she has volunteered include Trinidad & Tobago and India. She has a strong passion for animals, and our furry visitors definitely agree! Russell, a Brussels Griffon, says “I just love Terra so much! She always has so much love to give to each and every one of us.”










Karen (since 2005)

“I always hang out waiting for Karen… I love being in her videos and she always makes sure to capture my best side. After a session you can always get her to play catch. ”  Amie  – McNab- age 5